Reverse Osmosis is a popular, convenient and cost effective method of producing pure potable water from brackish  or highly  brackish  source waters.

AL-KAWTHER   has  completed  an  extensive research and  development programed  for the application of  reverse osmosis  in desalination plants. AL-KAWTHE R is  the  first  100% Saudi owned  company to  be able to offer  complete installations on a turnkey basis.

With several years of experience and with many successful installations now completed, AL-KAWTHER expertise is available to assist clients in the design,  installation, commissioning and operation of a wide range  of  desalination  and other water related projects.

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AL - KAWTHER    design,   based    on   a comprehensive feed water  analysis  report, temperature and pressure data ensures that client's requirements are met and the World Health Organization  Guidelines for  potable water quality are not violated.

By using  computer aided design and  modeling techniques,   AL- KAWTHER   is   capable   of selecting  the best membrane  design  for   any given  application. This is done with great  care taking into consideration optimum performance and system economics.


The comprehensive experience in design and engineering includes:

  • Package & custom built water treatment plants
  • Package & custom built wastewater treatment plants
  • Deionizers & Softeners
  • Filtration systems
  • Ultraviolet sterilizer
  • Surface water treatment
  • Municipal or domestic wastewater pollution control
  • Industrial wastewater pollution control
  • Chlorination disinfection equipment
  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Containerized water treatment plants

Media Filters

Media  Filters are  more   substantial  in  design than  cartridge  filters and apart from the media enclosed, are all similar in construction.

The media is enclosed in a  pressure  vessel  of steel or glassreinforced plastic fibre construction with inlet and  outlet nozzles. Each media vessel is complete with all frontal pipework and valves, to allow the filter to  be backwashed  and rinsed when necessary.

An  internal  distribution system, with upper and lower distributors, ensures an even flow through the  media  bed.  The  media  bed  contains  the actual filtering medium, supported by a layer  of gravel.

The following type of filters are in common use:

Sand Filters                   - Removal of suspended  solids
Activated Carbon Filters  - Removal of chlorine and  odor  by absorption
Iron Removal Filters        - Removal of iron by oxidation and                                        filtration

Media filters could be supplied with manual or automatic   valves   depending   upon  Client's request.